This is the site for a secretly planned underground poker game, where the dealer is a scarcely dressed girl, the rules are quite simple; there is no staring at any private parts, unless the girl in question specifically calls attention to them. There is no extreme shit talk about women in general, no degenerative remarks. Crossing a line costs you 15 big blinds, these go directly into the pocket of our dealer.

The stakes, at the moment are $.50/.50, with a 1 BB rake, if the pot reaches the flop. Tips are allowed, but they ARE NOT a payment for any service of any kind.

The dealer is to be respected at all times. If any inappropriate touching is involved, a lifetime ban is a certainty, unless the dealer forgives you.

Have fun at the tables, and I hope you enjoy reading this blog.

PS: For questions and information; info@sexypokerevenings.com