Sexy is back in Poker!

Sorry for the long silence, we had some major issues, as you can imagine, they come with the field. But we are back with some interesting new stories of our recent sexy poker evening! We have a new permanent female dealer, she is called Suzanne, amazing girl from the south of France, and she has it all. The curves, the style, the brains and my god, she is tall. The legs are amazing, but too bad for our contestants they are usually perfectly hidden away under the table. But don’t drown in fear, the rest of her amazing body isn’t.


So first things first, where did we meet this amazing specimen of female greatness? We actually found her when playing in some mid stakes games in Paris. Though it wasn’t at the tables that we found her, it was at an after party in the crazy Parisian suburbs. She was dancing in a corner with 2 friends, and between me, Mr. Think, Mr. Big Pickle and the threesome it was instant love. We started dancing, talking and convinced them to see our underground casino (Mr. Big Pickle took care of the convincing part). There we played a few heavenly hands, heavenly not because of the amazing plays, but because of Suzanne, who offered to deal the whole evening instead of buy in, since she was short on cash.


She wasn’t unskilled, in other words, she was faster than the speed of light, flung cards better than the professional dealer the night before. We played 20 rounds or so, before the kissing started. The rest of the story is a mish mash of events we swore never to talk about in public, so sadly this little story ends here, but it was great. Only sad thing was that Miss S. didn’t partake, but that only adds to the mystery doesn’t it?


This Friday the first new Sexy Poker evening gets started, which is a real relief for us. We are looking forward to the first review, as I’m sure you all are!

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