Monthly Archives: October 2010

The First Sexy Poker Event

At 17.00 Silke, our poker dealer, showed up, usually we want our poker dealers to arrive somewhat early, since most of them are not that skilled in dealing cards. But this time it went quite smoothly, since she already had a lot of experience at the poker tables and we had already seen her in action! This night, however, would prove a lot more challenging for her, as you know; we do not have the same rules as an average underground poker game. No, we have sexy poker evenings. She would have to deal cards in a way that wouldn’t involve a lot of clothing nor any shyness. Dealing in a poker game however, is quite profitable, as your players might be very generous with tips when they win a big pot and you usually get a standard rake (percentage) from the pot.


When you are without clothes, I think the profit from dealing can soar! But we will have to see what our poker evening brings. At least we have our strict rules and guidelines, which will help us in protecting Silke’s integrity while at the same time providing pleasure for the eyes of our esteemed poker guests.


At around 17.30, after an initial conversation. We played a small poker game with her as a dealer, at first she would just be topless and after a few hands she showed that she didn’t have any problem with executing her profession as a poker dealer and at the same time having her breasts roam free through the room. She would continue to undress herself as she grew more and more confident. Me and Mr. V would try to keep our eyes of her, as is stated in the rules, but Mr. Big Pickle didn’t have such an easy time. And as we had a harder time than expected, we were a little scared that our guests wouldn’t be able to respect our dealer. She was just, so intoxicating and self-assured. It was baffling. But we knew this poker game would, in the future, be one of the best and craziest memories we would ever have.


And perhaps, in the future, this could become a real classy game; we just have to get through the initial, awkward stages of Sexy Poker.