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Introducing Silke | Professional (Sexy) Poker Dealer

Next week the host of our sexy poker evening will be Silke. The game is already full so this is just a slight tease of what is to come.


She originates from the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, the beautiful land of Buddhism and the crazy indigenous Vedda people, who are called “forest people”, genetically similar to the Veddas that lived as early as 18,000 BC. It is also known for its manufacturing of tea, coconuts, coffee, cinnamon and rubber and gained its political independence from the United Kingdom in 1948.


Silke has ever since then been raised by a German family, as a full member of the family, since she was adopted as a very young girl. Because she enjoyed a rich and healthy western upbringing she has beautiful dark skin, perfect curves and the face of a true inspirational woman. Silke likes to be called a black girl, so any reference to her as an Asian is off the table and will cost you 4 BB.


While studying languages; German, Sinhala and Tamil to be exact. She met up with a young professional poker player, and started dealing in his underground game for some nice tips and rake to pay for her studies. We came into contact with her at such an evening, asked her if she would be interested in our project, after which she instantly agreed when we explained to her that there were some very strict rules and a nice payout.


Paying for her studies in this unconventional way, she is a very proud, intelligent and strong girl, so don’t even think about being disrespectful. You are forewarned.


See you next week ladies and gentlemen.

How Sexy Poker Evenings Started

The sexy poker evenings started out as a casually planned underground game, with very low stakes. Of course at that time, it wasn’t called “sexy poker evenings”, it was just called “let’s play poker, we just had dinner and the cards are laying on the table anyway -evening”. Usually only 4 people would show up, and the dealer was just whoever had the cards in his hand at a time. The rules didn’t involve a “no-touching” policy, since everyone was male, and everyone was dressed. No one was really eager to begin touching one another. But the poker was very exciting! With trips over double pair and full over full situation, we couldn’t get enough. And people kept showing up. But there were just never enough players to make it a real game.


So we started to invite girls, the stakes were low, and it was a friendly atmosphere, no harm done we thought. At first it would be really fun, laughing our ass of, and we had something nice to look at, the super heavy ‘male’ atmosphere was also gone, but we did not mind. It was a price we had to pay for more players and nice company.


More history later, and soon the first report will be online, keep reading! If you wish to learn more about our rules, they are on our About Page | Sexy Poker.